Metal Guitar Lessons

Metal Guitar Lessons

Metal Guitar Lessons. Heavy Rock Shred Guitar Licks is a song that I did for my students to have some fun and at the same time learn some heavy metal shred guitar licks.

Most of the licks are in the style of Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, etc…

I’ve tried to give you guys licks that exploit different techniques like alternate picking, legato, string bending, and sweep picking.

The Metronome

I strongly recommend you to learn and memorize the entire song first. After that make sure that you’re playing all the phrases clean and accurate.

Just from that position, you’ll start to work on the speed up at. 

I know everybody talks the same about this … but remember is a muscular situation here, you need to create muscle memory first.

Once you have the muscle memory means (playing the whole thing nice and easy) speed up will be easier. 


The lead guitar is over the Bm pentatonic scale, B Natural minor Scale(D major Scale), and Bm triads. Most of the time I’m trying to target the root note (B). Since the track is in the key of Bm.

It’s a very common resolution for this music style. You can play some licks by resolving on the root of the key, in our case root(B). The emphasis is on you to learn to improvise by playing with the right spirit while staying within specific guidelines.

Of course, you can apply the same resolution idea for each chord change. But to keep things simple I just follow resolving and targeting at the root of the key (B).

Gear used on Metal Shred Guitar Licks:

For this guitar lesson demonstration, I used :

  • Ibanez Prestige RG 3120
  • Eleven Rack
  • Canon T5i

I hope you guys enjoy that and let’s keep practicing.

metal guitar lessons

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