Man On The Silver Mountain Tab

Man On The Silver Mountain Tab

Man On The Silver Mountain Solo Tab Guitar Lesson

Man On The Silver Mountain Tab. On this guitar lesson demonstration, you will learn how to play the guitar solo of Man On The Silver Mountain by Deep Purple.

Is the first single by Rainbow and the first track of their debut album, on this free guitar lesson you’ll learn note by note how to play this classic rock song.

The rhythm guitar it’s a kind of Ritchie Blackmore signature, you can see the same influence in other songs made by him like Smoke On The Water, Burn, and more.

The solo’s basically the Gm Pentatonic Scale with the F Major Scale at this combination we have the Dorian mode.

Very obvious but essential that you play all parts of the solo slow first and then you’ll increase the speed slowly. I recorded the guitar isolated to you hear the guitar parts more precisely.

You also can slow down the song speed. To do that use the youtube gear icon.

I hope you guys enjoy it.

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