Alternate Picking Shred Lick with Tab

alternate picking shred lick

Alternate Picking Shred Lick with Tablature

Alternate picking is an essential technique for a lead guitar that wants to play shred lick fast and accurately. This post is designed to give you some insight into this technique and how it can be applied to shred licks.

I get the idea of this lick from the song Far Beyond The Sun by Yngwie Malmsteen. Is based on an F# harmonic minor, and at beginning of the lick, Yngwie Malmsteen plays the scale in groups of 4 notes.

Playing the scales in groups of 4 notes is an amazing exercise for improving your alternate picking. At the same time, you can develop a lot of phrases and ideas for your composition and improvisation.

I played an F# minor arpeggio on the last section of the lick using the sweep picking technique. I did this to give you guys an idea of how we can mix alternate picking with other techniques.

In my Skype guitar lessons, I always expand the licks and sequences in all different shapes of the scale. With different systems like 3 notes per string, and the caged system.

By doing it you’ll be able to see all the options and to play the lick everywhere at the fretboard.

How To Practice

The first step to practice this lick lesson is, memorize the entire lick and play slow. Make sure that you can hear all the notes when you play, just from that, you can start to speed that up.

Gear Used:

For this guitar lesson demonstration, I used :

I hope you guys enjoy it and let’s keep practicing.

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